The Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Duo


I had been looking for a light for my bivvy for a while. I had been persevering with a combination of head torch & candles mainly because I found nothing reliable that I could hang virtually anywhere, but I found the perfect solution in the Ridge Monkey Bivvy Lite Duo. It has made night fishing so much more productive because I can tie rigs, sort my tackle and change rigs with ease.
The main thing I love about this bivvy light is the amount of light options you have, ideal for different situations or preference. The light can produce a white full beam, a half beam, a red full beam and a red half beam all easily controlled with a single button. (This feature can be also accessed by remote control on the IR or Multi versions) The red light options provide more than enough light in your bivvy but allow your eyes to adjust easily so you can see out on to the lake. The half red beam is my preferred option for most of my fishing, although if I’m tying rigs I would use the half white beam.
The light has a unique magnet system which ideal for attaching the light to the roof of the bivvy or wherever you wish. The magnet is very strong and can withstand extreme weather such as strong
winds. The lithium battery has 120 hours of battery life and is fully rechargeable so there is no need for batteries, and yet it remains lightweight & robust. It comes supplied with a USB to Micro USB
cable which is ideal for charging the light virtually anywhere such as the car or a laptop.




Reviewed by YAC staff member - Dan Ibbott

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