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RDAA - Reading & Disrict Angling


The Association owns or leases some 25 miles of the River Kennet, River Thames, River Loddon and Kennet & Avon Canal – as well as 14 lakes – comprising some of the most varied and finest fishing in the south of England. See for your self and visit these pages: VENUES


There are 30 clubs affiliated to the Association, who are authorised to issue R&DAA Permits to their members at standard fees approved by club delegates annually. Club fees vary as some have their own water(s) or make other arrangements as well as making use of the Association’s waters. Affiliated clubs are listed here: CLUBS


With a year on average of 2000 members, with our number of waters, we can ensure bank space for everyone

The Association caters for all types of coarse anglers, the pleasure angler, the match angler and the specimen hunter. Even the angler who likes to, or can only fish at night.

We also have a team of fully qualified angling coaches that roll out junior angling tuition throughout the season, details of this can be found here in the JUNIOR SECTION


In order to maintain communications, a monthly Information Sheet is issued to each Club Secretary, Treasurer, Match Secretary and Delegate. Local tackle shops also often post these sheets to their noticeboards and they are also accessible online here in our NEWS SECTION


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