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Bury Hill Fisheries (Old Lake)

Yateley Angling Multi Species Catch Report

Date: 06/11/17

Venue: Bury Hill Fisheries (Old Lake)

Discipline: Predator

Fishing Bait: Sprat/Roach

Fish Caught: 10 Zander to 5lb

Rig Details: Size 4 hooks crimped to a 12-18” section of 7 strand wire trace, going on to a running lead set up with 1oz lead. Using buzzers with long bobbins of about 2ft for bite indication.


Catch Info: Dan and Josh made the 45 minute journey down to the well renowned zander fishery, bury hill, in search of some winter predator action. With the afternoon and evening to go at, they set up in the deeper area of the lake hoping to get a chance of a bite before dark, due to zander being largely nocturnal feeders. The session got off to a slow start with a few bites being missed and one or two fish being lost, however both Dan and Josh had a fish each before dark so were optimistic going into the hours of darkness. After dusk there was a flurry of activity, with multiple fish being caught, then as the evening went on the action slowed but remained consistent. With the conditions on this occasion being fairly clear, which is not ideal for Zander, both Dan and Josh were optimistic looking towards future trips where the weather was looking to be more dull and overcast. All in all the boys were pleased with how the trip went, with both catching multiple fish up to 5lb being the biggest on the day.


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