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River Itchen (lower Itchen fishery)

Yateley angling multi species Catch report


Date: 3/12/17


Venue: River Itchen (lower Itchen fishery)


Discipline: Trotting


Bait: Maggot


Fish caught: Multiple chub to 4.4lb, loads of grayling


Rig info: large stick float setup with bulk shotting Patten with Drennan size 16

quick snap swivels and size 18 & 20 hooks to nylon.


Catch info: Dan and Charlie where invited to a exclusive fishing day on the southern chalk stream river Itchen. They approached the day with the plan to fish roving and trot tough a number of swims in the day. After fishing a number of different swims we found the right area with a good n

umber of fish in it after catching a large number of grayling to around 12 oz we hooked something significantly larger after a long fight unfortunately the hook pulled before we got a look at it. After continually

feeding Charlie hooked another fish with deep powerful runs which turned

out to be a good size chub (good fun on light float gear). We fished a number of other swims catching loads of grayling

and trout. For our final few hours we returned to the chub swim to have another go. We then both had another chub each with Dan catching a 4.4lb clean chalk stream chub a awesome way to end the day.

The boys had a fantastic day out having loads of bites and staying

mobile and keeping warm as the weather started to turn colder.


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