Korda Compac


The Korda Compac range of EVA boxes provided an ideal solution for me to condense my terminal tackle & other gadgets. My kit must be organised and ready for use at any moment, as the majority
of my fishing is done on single nights between work hours, so the more organised and compact my kit is, the better. The Korda Compac range of boxes, used in conjunction with the Korda Tacklesafe has now made this possible. In previous times I have been guilty of taking lots of unnecessary hook and terminal items, but with the Tacklesafe you can only take what you need, forcing me to leave the rest at home, ultimately saving space and weight. The Compac 140 box fits the Tacklesafe in the top with plenty of space underneath for larger tools, spools of hook link and leadcore. I use the Compac 100 box for storing leads and spare leaders and the Compac 200 is ideal for larger items like popups, hook baits and dips, although this size would house spod & marker floats equally as well. With the Compac range being made of a EVA plastic means that they are fully water proof. This eliminates muddy bottoms to tackle bags easier to clean, heavy duty zips and good joins on the sides and base means they really are surprisingly durable yet robust.

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