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CWA Fisheries

Little Moulsham syndicate lake is an intimate lake of 9.5 acres in the famous fishing village of Yateley.  It’s one of the last lakes to be dug in the area, with gravel extraction finishing in the mid 80’s.  The lake was stocked with a number of fish once work was completed, today there are about 30 of these original fish left in the lake, with weights up to 34lb.  9 years ago a number of VS fisheries strain fish were stocked into the lake and now some of these are over 35lb.  There are also a dozen grass carp in the lake, most of these are over 38lb with at least 5 over 45lb and the biggest one a fish called Colossus at 51lb+.


There are 15 swims on the lake, set out so that you don’t have conflict with other anglers on the opposite side of the lake.  The lake itself is quite shallow, with 40% of the lake less than 5 feet, but with depths down to 11 feet in deep corner.


I have stocked 3 strains of fish into the lake, 19 Dinton strain fish, 2 Simmo fully scaled and 33 Leneys which are part of my own growing project.  In total there are 80-90 carp in the lake.  by the end of 2017 there should be at least a dozen over 30lb and I predict in 2 years time we could have 4 over 40lb.


As with the other lakes, sensible rules are in place, to allow you to enjoy your time at the venue, without disturbing others.


Again boats are allowed and are provided on site.  We have 2 BBQ shelters with gas BBQ’s for members to use.  These also have leather sofa’s and other facilities, which makes for great social evenings in the summer and winter.


There are no further plans to stock any more fish into the lake in the near future.


Other water available from CWA include Roach Pit & Longlake.


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